Wellness Wednesday: Stroke Awareness Month

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To recognize Stroke Awareness Month, a Regional Health representative shares what to remember in spotting the signs.

According to the American Stroke Association, strokes claim 133,000 lives annually in the United States.

Rebecca Holso, a clinic manager at Regional Neurology and Rehab, describes the most common types of stroke.

"Stroke is usually a blood clot that forms, and it travels to the brain, causing a disruption in blood flow,” Holso said. “That is probably one of the most common types of stroke. The other type of stroke is going to be a bleed.”

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Awareness is key when it comes to stroke treatment. Holso says to remember “BE FAST.”

"B is balance. So if you're off balance, dizzy, that sort of thing. Sudden onset, make sure that you seek medical attention right away.

"E is eyesight - so if you lose vision.

"F - face. So if you notice any drooping in the face, especially one-sided.

"A is arms. If you're unable to lift an arm or lose movement, feeling in an arm.

"S is speech - if someone's speeches becomes slurred or garbled.

"T is time...remember the time of onset or when was the person last known well?"

The aftermath of a stroke varies, with most victims needing physical and occupational therapy.

Holso warns of another side effect.

"Unfortunately, depression is also very high amongst stroke patients. So we need to make sure that family members, friends are kind of watching out for those depressive signs so that we can get that patient the help they need."

Stroke is the number two leading cause of death in the world, and one of the leading causes of serious disabilities. For more information on Stroke Awareness Month, click here.

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