She's Nuts!: Kari Doyle's Nut Butter business

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When Kari Doyle's daughter Addison had an allergic reaction to peanut butter, she quickly went to work in her kitchen to find a better way to make a nut butter spread without all the excess sugar.

After friends tried and loved the product, it snowballed and she began selling it to personal customers, local stores and online. Since then, her business has been booming for two and a half years. When she asked her friends to help with a catchy name, they came up with: She's Nuts! All Natural, All Tasty Butters."

Kari's success comes with the help of friends to spread the word and her husband to push her business savvy.

"I'm a med tech by trade," Kari said. "I used to work in the hospital laboratory, so the idea of being a business owner is not something I really envisioned. My husband is probably the biggest reason why I took off with it. He's like, 'you can totally do this,' and he is so supportive and so great."

You could say she kind of went nuts concocting an array of different flavors, including cinnamon almond pecan, cinnamon cashew, vanilla espresso almond pecan, and chocolate almond pecan, just to name a few.  

Photo Courtesy: She’s Nuts! All-Natural , All -Tasty Butters

The ingredients are fresh and natural, made with no fillers. Kari's favorite way to eat nut butters is on toast, with an apple, and even mixed in with Greek yogurt.

You can try out the tasty nut butters at the Black Hills Farmer’s Market. It's also in 20 stores statewide. Kari does custom orders online and will hand deliver the product to your home.

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