HOPE Center: The good and bad of care packages

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Photo Courtesy: The Hope Center's Facebook Page 

RAPID CITY, S.D. - The Hope Center is a non-profit organization that offers daily services to those living in poverty and without homes. The center also collects donated items to provide care packages for those in need. 

It is admirable to donate from the goodness of your heart, but do you know what is needed in a care package? It is important to keep in mind the hygiene products, non-perishable food items, and additional care items that may benefit someone who doesn’t have a home.

“Lotion, shampoo, conditioner, the comb - just those things that you would use every day to have good hygiene,” says Hope Center Executive Director Anna Quinn.

People may donate unused care items found in the home or care items purchased in bulk when shopping. Keep in mind, some items can be a risk for certain recipients.

“Here at the Hope Center, we don’t do much with the mouthwash," Quinn says. "Just to be supportive of those who have an addiction; who are living in those situations. It just kind of opens the door.”

Canned goods, along with other non-perishable food items, are commonly used in care packages. It is important to keep in mind a recipient’s limited resources, so be sure to provide items that can be easily opened.

“With people who live in poverty or without homes, they often don’t have kitchen utensils. So they can’t open cans. They often don’t have access to microwaves.” 

The Hope Center is actively seeking donations and volunteers. For further details, you can go to the website hopecenterrapidcity.org or call 605-716-4673. 

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