Regional Hospital ranks in top five percent for clinical excellence

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Rapid City Regional Hospital has been ranked in the top 5 percent in the country for clinical excellence by Healthgrades.

Healthgrades is a national organization that evaluates hospitals throughout the country for patient care. Regional Health is one of over 250 hospitals that received the recognition for high quality care in at least 21 of the 32 most common inpatient conditions and procedures.

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Healthgrades evaluated three years of inpatient and surgical care data and found that Regional Health was a top performing hospital both in low complication and low death rates. Around 4,500 hospitals nationwide were considered for these awards.

"It means that you consistently had really high quality outcomes, meaning reducing complications and decreasing mortalities when a patient comes in to to see you at the hospital,” said Meadow Jaime, the director of quality solutions at Healthgrades. “The distinguished hospital award for clinical excellence in particular, means that you have at least 21 areas out of 32 procedures and diagnoses where you are achieving excellence. Essentially meaning that you are performing statistically better than we would expect."

Based on these rankings,  Healthgrades says there is a 26 percent stronger survival rate at Regional Health than at a low-graded hospital.

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