Rapid City Regional Hospital volunteers honored

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As part of National Volunteer Week, Rapid City Regional Hospital (RCRH) volunteers were honored at a Volunteer Appreciation and Awards Brunch.

“Each and every volunteer plays an impactful role as part of our team,” said Regional Health CEO Brent Philips.

Regional Health COO and RCRH President Paulette Davidson said: “We could not do what we do, without our volunteers. We thank the volunteers for their continuous dedication and contributions to Rapid City Regional Hospital.”

The volunteer base includes individuals who give their time and talent by supporting patients, guests, and caregivers in many areas of the hospital, including waiting rooms, the Gift Shop, Guest Services, Hospice, and more.

“Volunteers Make the World a Brighter Place” was the theme of the brunch where volunteers were honored for their hours served. In 2016, more than 340 volunteers contributed more than 36,000 hours at RCRH. Those volunteers who accumulated 250 hours receive a pin for their achievement. A charm to fasten to the pin is given for each 500 hours accumulated thereafter.


Honors were awarded at the following levels:

250 Hours:  Cathie Adams, Candice Benne, Sharon Berg, Mary Daughenbaugh, Sharron Everett, Karen Finck, Nancy Glassgow, Sophia Gomez, Beverly Jones, Ron Kringen, Dawn Madge, Mary Ann Nietz, Patricia Peel, Peg Pratt, Doris Robinson, Judy Septon, Shirley Sjomeling, Belva Star, Joan Struble, Colette Summers ,Charlotte Verhey.   
500 Hours:  Marcia Abel, Arthur Alleger, Phyllis Claunch, Kathy Crabb, Susan Culberson, Colleen Dennis, Laurie Gehner, Mary Goble, Kathleen Hastings, Barbara Horton, Carolyn Johnson, Sharon Radziwon.  
1,000 Hours:  Laurie Gustaf, Eleanor Johnsen, Lucille Kerner, James McPherson, Betty Schleuning.   1500 Hours:  Darlayne Buchli, Helen Ehlers, Phyllis Hanks, Phyllis Merkel, Susan Plooster, Mely Rahn.   
2,000 Hours:  Janice Beaird, Marlene Heisterkamp, Vicki Miller, Linda Trankle.
2,500 Hours:  Cathie Block, Haim Bober, Vicki Miller, Guyla Sturgeon.   
3,000 Hours:  Bernice Buum, Judy Worden.  
3,500 Hours:  Connie Bruhn, Marlene Hart, Keith Johnson, Emery Magda, Darlene Vetter.  
4,000 Hours:  Ilene Johnson, Patricia McKay, Bev Paschke.  
4,500 Hours:  Evelyn Knapp, Joyce Opp, Cheryl Thompson.  
5,500 Hours:  Mary Bartsch, Claudine Glowcheski.  
6,000 Hours:  Carolyn Magda. 
8,000 Hours:  Deb Fredrich.  
8,500 Hours:  Deb Fredrich, Lila James. 
9,000 Hours:  Lila James, Joann Solano.  
22,000 Hours:  Joyce Bjork.  
22,500 Hours:  Joyce Bjork.  
23,000 Hours:  Joyce Bjork.  
23,500 Hours:  Joyce Bjork.  
24,000 Hours:  Joyce Bjork

Information from Regional Health

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