Regional Hospital celebrates Donate Life Month

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April marks National Donate Life Month, and Rapid City Regional Hospital celebrated by planting new life Monday. 

Organ and tissue donors' families, along with donor recipients and the hospital’s donor resource team, planted flowers underneath a tree in front of the hospital.

By the Tree of Life lays a plaque that reads, “In memory of Rapid City Regional Hospital donors and their families.”   

Regional Health wants to bring awareness to the importance of donated organs and tissues in the community and how much it can affect a life. Tim Bjork received a heart transplant 11 years ago and is thankful for it every day.

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"It is indeed the gift of life," Bjork explained. "I have spent the past 11 years with my new heart, and every day is a blessing, so I get up every day and say thank you.” 

Even though donor families miss their loved ones every day, it brings a smile to their face to know the organs and tissues their family member donated helped to save another's life.

"My daughter was a very giving person; she loved to help people and she looked for ways to help people. She would be very glad that she has been able to help people live their lives,” said Glenda Vice, a mother of a donor who passed away a few years ago.  

Regional Health also wants to remind the community to inform their families and friends about the option to be a donor and save a life.

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