Regents approve new academic programs to develop South Dakota workforce

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SPEARFISH, S.D. – The South Dakota Board of Regents has approved new academic program requests to meet emerging employment trends across the state.

The board this week authorized two highly-focused specializations within South Dakota State University’s master of science degree in nursing. The clinical nurse leader specialization prepares graduates to provide highly skilled point-of-care coordination for acutely ill, complex patients. Graduates with the nurse administrator specialization will use concepts and theories from nursing management and health administration in leadership positions within health care agencies. Specializations within a degree program appear on a student’s transcript.

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SDSU also received approval to offer through online delivery its bachelor of science degree in psychology. Fueled by a growing demand for psychology-related skills from non-traditional and place-bound students, the new online degree was developed and designed to reach students across this state and beyond. SDSU currently offers a psychology minor online. It expects to graduate eight students annually from the online program after full implementation.

Regents gave the go-ahead to deliver a new undergraduate certificate program in social media at Black Hills State University and new graduate certificates in business analytics, marketing, and operations and supply chain management at the University of South Dakota. USD will also offer the arts in health certificate at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Certificate programs usually require fewer credit hours to complete than a minor. They are developed by packaging a small set of courses that allows students to develop expertise within a focused area of study, addressing identified market and workforce development needs.

New minors will be available at SDSU in design studies, graphic design, and inclusion and equity. A design studies minor incorporates study from multiple design-related disciplines, including architecture, graphic design, interior design, studio arts, and landscape architecture. The minor in graphic design helps students incorporate design thinking and graphic skills into their academic experience. A minor in inclusion and equity explores gender, racial, global, and economic equity topics, while preparing students to work in such fields as education, social work, social services, and counseling. Each minor requires 18 credit hours of study.

Information from the South Dakota Board of Regents

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