Mayor Allender hopes to continue momentum in second term

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RAPID CITY, S.D. - Even though the municipal elections themselves are still more than two months away, Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender will hold the office for another two years after facing no opposition.

With no campaign to worry about, Allender says he's ready to build on his body of work from the past two years. The mayor stressed the importance that momentum plays in government, and he hopes that's the case in Rapid City.

"Momentum is huge in government, because what we do requires community support. The community will support only so much with just talk. After that, they will only continue to support with some action, and after that, they will only continue to support with results. Where government tends to fall down, we spend more (time) talking, not enough time acting and don't put enough energy into achieving the final result. That's the relationship in the community and city government is that momentum management."

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The city has had a number of projects going on during Allender's watch, including the Downtown Master Plan. But for now, he says it's time to focus on one community staple in particular.

"There are a number of issues, such as railroad task force - quiet zone task force - that will complement our downtown development plan. Getting the railroad intersections quieted down to accommodate more housing in the area."

Allender's upcoming 2-year term is the final of its kind in Rapid City. The next mayor elected in 2019 will hold the office for 4 years.

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