7 years for Rapid City man in Loaf 'N Jug robbery

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The latest court developments for two teenagers suspected of fatally stabbing a Loaf 'N Jug clerk.

Feb. 6, 2018

A man charged in the January 2017 stabbing death of a local convenience store clerk is "off the hook" for murder.

Cody Grady, 20, of Rapid City, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to second-degree robbery. All other charges were dismissed.

Grady was originally charged with first-degree murder in the stabbing death of Kasie Lord during a robbery at the Loaf 'N Jug on Mount Rushmore Road. Circuit Judge Heidi Lingren approved the dismissal of other charges based on security footage from the business.

Grady will serve 7.5 years in prison - a deal agreed upon by the state and Lord's family - and he'll receive credit for time served.

Grady waived the right to a jury trial. His next court date is set for March 21, when he will be formally sentenced.

Carlos Quevedo, 18, was also originally charged with first-degree murder. He pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in November 2017.


Nov. 7, 2017

Carlos Quevedo, 18, has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. All other charges have been dropped. 

The charge carries a mandatory life sentence in South Dakota. However, since Quevedo committed the crime as a juvenile, he cannot be sentenced to life without parole, because of a previous U.S. Supreme Court decision. Quevedo's sentencing will take place at his trial on Feb. 12.

Quevedo admitted Tuesday that there is no doubt he took Kasie Lord's life. His attorney agreed after reviewing audio and video evidence.

Following a professional examination, Quevedo said his mental health did not play a role in the murder; he claims it was self-intoxication. Quevedo wanted to accept the full consequences of his actions.

As part of the plea sentence, Quevedo gave a factual depiction of events on the day of the crime. Those events, as described by Quevedo, are listed below:

  • Quevedo started the day by getting his job back at McDonalds.
  • Quevedo asked his girlfriend to get get cough and congestion pills. He ingested 16 of those.
  • Quevedo picked his friend up at Safeway on the south side of town. Quevedo's friend stole five boxes of Robitussin and a 2 liter bottle of Sprite.
  • Quevedo, his girlfriend, and his friend went to Cody Grady's house - the other suspect - to see if Cody's brother wanted to join them. The brother declined, but Cody went with the group.
  • The group went to Quevedo's apartment, smoked marijuana on the balcony, and passed around the stolen Sprite and Robitussin to ingest.
  • Grady asked the group if they wanted to go on a bottle run. Grady and Quevedo went to the Fresh Start on Cambell Street. There, Grady stole a bottle of vodka. Together, the group drank half the bottle.
  • After that, Quevedo's girlfriend and friend both left the group.
  • Grady and Quevedo then went to the Circle S Plaza to steal food. 
  • The pair walked to South Middle School and went through people's cars. Inside one of the cars, Grady pulled a green, metallic knife from the center console. Afraid Grady would hurt himself, Quevedo asked for the knife and stuck it in his pocket, forgetting about it. The pair continued to go through cars.
  • Quevedo blacked out halfway to the Loaf 'N Jug, where the murder happened. He claims he doesn't remember anything until he woke up at Grady's house the next morning. A dog had been licking his blood-covered hand. Quevedo said someone at Grady's house took his blood-covered sweatshirt and hid it in the ceiling, offering him a different sweatshirt.


Oct. 17

Carlos Quevedo has been scheduled for a continued status hearing on Nov. 7 at 2 p.m.


Aug. 31

Carlos Quevedo's case has been transferred from juvenile court, and he will be treated as an adult. This denies him any protections that juvenile jurisdictions provide.

Quevedo is charged with first-degree murder with an alternative charge of second-degree murder.

A non-evidentiary hearing is set for Oct. 17 at 2 p.m.


July 25

During a status hearing of accused murderer Cody Grady, Seventh Circuit Judge Heidi Linngren scheduled a Sept. 15 hearing to hear arguments over the suppression of certain evidence. 

Grady, age 19, was arrested for second-degree robbery and the felony murder of Kasie Lord, a clerk at the Loaf 'N Jug on Mount Rushmore Road. Police say Lord was stabbed multiple times in the parking lot of the convenience store on Jan. 18. She was later pronounced dead at Rapid City Regional Hospital. 

Police say Lord attempted to stop two teens from stealing beer when she was stabbed.


March 7

The suspects in the Jan. 18 stabbing death of convenience store employee Kasie Lord were formally arraigned in court Tuesday, both charged with first-degree murder.

Cody Grady, 19, and Carlos Quevedo, 17, both of Rapid City, also face alternative charges of second-degree manslaughter and second-degree murder, respectively. Grady is also charged with grand theft - Quevedo with first-degree robbery.

The charges stem from a robbery gone wrong at the Loaf ‘N Jug convenience store on Mount Rushmore Road. According to police, Lord attempted to stop the alleged suspects from shoplifting a case of beer. The men then allegedly began stabbing the victim.

Both Grady and Quevedo pleaded not guilty to all counts.

City leaders call for unity, support after convenience store murder


Jan. 26

Cody Grady and Carlos Quevedo appeared before the 7th Circuit Court on Thursday. They are both charged with First-Degree Murder in the stabbing death of Kasie Lord. Quevedo faces an alternative charge of Second-Degree Murder.

According to court documents, Lord attempted to stop the suspects from leaving the store by blocking the entrance - and that's when police say the pair began stabbing the victim.

If convicted, both Grady and Quevedo could face the death penalty.

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