Wellness Wednesday: The Studio in Rapid City

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The Studio in Rapid City is a unique establishment that combines fitness and nutrition. Owner Teresa Gonzalez says they offer options for many diets.

"We offer cold press juice, which is made out of just raw fruits and vegetables. There's no fillers, no added sugars. We also offer vegan and gluten-free friendly foods,” says Gonzalez.

If you’re busy and feel that you don’t have much time for working out, The Studio has specifically geared their workouts to you.

"We offer classes that are about 40 minutes long, and we've specialized in a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) format. So, the most bang for your buck in the shortest amount of time for busy people who can only work out three to four times a week,” says Gonzalez.

The Studio just brought back their Pound Workout class, which is a fun rhythmic workout that combines toning and cardio using a pair of drumsticks.

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"That class is just a fun way to do tonight with drumsticks, so you're staying in rhythm, but you're also distracted by what's going on in the class that you don't notice that you're doing squats and lunges and those sorts of things as you would do in a regular strength class,” says Gonzalez.

If rocking out isn't your style, they offer Studio Remix, which is dance fitness, and Studio Grit, which is a low intensity strength based glass. Boxing and Belles is a heavy bag boxing workout that’s known locally by another name.

"Studio Fight Club as we've called it in the past, and we're actually doing a heavy bag boxing workout. You're actually hitting the bag but you're coming into it at any level,” says Gonzalez.

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You can view more about the studio along with a full class listing at their website: www.stretchstudiofitness.com

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