Jerry Wright won't seek re-election to Rapid City Common Council

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Alderman Jerry Wright has chosen not to seek re-election for the Rapid City Common Council. Wright has represented Ward 3 since July of 2011, serving as Council President in 2013 and again in 2014. He has detailed his decision in a statement below:

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I have chosen to not seek re-election to the Rapid City Common Council as an Alderman for Ward 3.  I make this announcement to allow others considering their candidacy for this position, a clear position on my part. 

I want to thank all who have supported my campaigns and time in office.  I especially want to thank my wife Patricia for her support and sacrifice.  To those who have supported me financially and professionally, I extend special thanks as your support has allowed me to serve my community.

The past 6 years have been rewarding and challenging. It has always been my intention to serve my community and to vote for what I saw as the right decision, and do so with the right intention, and that being for the best of Rapid City, its citizens, businesses and our urban environment.

I encourage all considering running for public office to do so and to have the betterment of the community as their goal.  With our potential growth, climate change, and the global economy, we must be thinking and planning for the future.  I hope for an election based on issues, qualifications, integrity, and solutions.Work still remains on getting the funding to better maintain, repair, and replace our infrastructure.  Simply stated, we have more need than available funding will allow.  We must invest in our future, in our streets, water and waste water, and storm water systems.  Investment will require some sacrifice but will pay big dividends in the future.  Our predecessors made the same commitment, we are their beneficiaries, and now we must pass on the legacy.

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