Wellness Wednesday: Children's Therapy Services

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RAPID CITY, S.D. - Children's Therapy Services in Rapid City strives to ensure that children are successful emotionally, physically, and socially. CTS offers occupational, physical and speech language therapy services.

Physical Therapist, Trena Hardy, speaks on the assistance CTS offers.

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"We help kids that are having troubles walking. Maybe not walking correctly, maybe walking up on their tip toes. We help with core control, with muscle strength. We help kids that are having delays in P.E., or even those more athletic kids that are having sports injuries,” says Hardy.

CTS also offers ADD, ADHD, and autism screenings as well as treatment. Speech Language Pathologist, Joseph Riggert, says his job benefits not only the children, but also himself.

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"Not only seeing the kids grow and progress with their skills - seeing the parents too, and them telling me how they're progressing at home - that's the most rewarding part,” says Riggert.

CTS will soon be opening Little Owl's Daycare and Pre-School. Program Director, Justin Casey, says a main focus for the Rapid City area is early intervention services, which is aimed at the 4 - 6 age group.

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"People will say, 'oh you know, they'll grow out of it'...and the parent hasn't seen that child grow out of it, and it just keeps getting pushed, and pushed, and pushed. And finally, we're in 3rd or 4th grade, and our self-esteem is low, our friends make fun of us, we're not being pulled for different services because we haven't yet qualified educationally. So, if we could get those needs met earlier, I think kids would have a much better success rate in school,” says Casey.

It's preferred that you have a doctor referral for your child, but CTS also offers free screenings. Casey says it can be intimidating to think your child needs a screening for therapeutic services, but taking that step could be beneficial in the long run.

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"We just want to let the parents know that it's okay. It's not a bad thing to receive services; it's actually a really good thing, especially to address it early on. As early on as we can get it,” says Casey.

CTS has served Western South Dakota for the last decade.

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