Rapid City nets millions in revenue from Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo

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The week of the Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo™ not only brings in a lot of people - it brings in a lot of cash!

General Manager, Ron Jeffries, says that for 15 days out of the year, the economy skyrockets.

"Somebody in Denver at the National Western once said if they had to pick between Christmas or the Stock Show, they'd pick the stock show,” says Jeffries.

The reason being? Everyone does business during the Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo™. According to Rapid City Chamber of Commerce President, Linda Rabe, the show comes at a good time for South Dakota.

"They're staying at our hotels, they're eating at our restaurants, they're shopping at our stores, they're downtown at the downtown square and in all those different retail properties. It's fabulous!” says Rabe.

The Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo™ brings in millions upon millions of dollars for Rapid City.

"We'll have anywhere from $22-35 million of economic impact, depending on the attendance throughout the week. And those are studies that have been done both by the state of South Dakota and an independent company that did it a number of years ago,” says Jeffries.

The economic impact starts with the cattle business, but the boost doesn't stop when the show ends.

“Rapid City becomes kind of a hub for many, many different months of business. It's not just this week, but people develop relationships and do business here all year long,” says Jeffries.

Compared to years past, this year's stock show is on track to do just as well economically, but the weather may cause slightly lower turnout.

"People at are the booths. The booth people are happy, and that's how we can judge it. You know, we see that the seats are getting filled at the rodeos and all the different events,” says Rabe.

Despite the weather, Jeffries says it's been a really good year so far.

"We always want a record, but you know mother nature sometimes has a hand in play there and she certainly impacted the roads this year a little bit,” says Jeffries.

It's worth the note that the Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo™ is free, and no entrance fees are included with the economic impact.

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