1+1 Winner: Alyssa Standforth

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It's no secret that children can have a hard time paying attention. To encourage focus with her kindergartners, one teacher is offering a variety of seating options.

General Beadle Elementary teacher Alyssa Stanforth is the recipient of the NewsCenter1 and First Interstate Bank 1+1 Giveaway. Every two weeks, an educator is chosen to receive this $500 grant to put toward a project that they would otherwise have to pay for themselves.

Stanforth didn’t apply for the grant but was nominated by a substitute teacher. She plans to use the funds for alternative seating in her classroom to put the students into a more creative mindset as they learn to write. Currently, the students only have small desk chairs and two rocking chairs. 

Stanforth says "the flexible seating will allow them to sit and really think about what their story is about and be able to transfer the skills that they've learned onto paper and their thoughts and ideas.”

NewsCenter1 and First Interstate Bank are proud to help fund this project. KNBN Sales Manager Anna Whetham says its tough to concentrate, even as an adult.

"If there's different ways that they can help these children be able to focus and learn and advance themselves, that’s fantastic,” said Whetham.

This is the last 1+1 Giveaway until school resumes in January. To submit nominations click here. View other winners here.

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