Wellness Wednesday: The benefits of hot yoga

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During the winter months, it can be challenging to find motivation to exercise. But if you're surrounded by like-minded people and in a heated room, it could make a workout more appealing.

Teresa Parker, a wellness coach and yoga instructor at Solace in Rapid City, says they're the only studio with a hot room.

"The heating that we have here in an infrared type of sauna heating, and then we also pump some humidity, some water into the room. So it's the perfect combination." 

When exercising in the room, participants reap the benefits from both yoga and a sauna. 

"Detoxification, purification, better focus, weight loss because you're kind of releasing some heavy metals and things like that." 

If you're less of a yogi and more of a bodybuilder, instructor Sarah Fuller teaches a yoga sculpt class that combines both. 

"It integrates a little bit of yoga with strength training, cardio, so it's a full body workout. We try to hit all of the major parts of the body, so we hit arms, legs, glutes. We do a lot of high intensity interval training for our cardio, so it really gets your heart rate up," says Fuller. 

Co-owner Aaron Parker says group fitness is a way to stay accountable for your workouts during the brutal months of winter. 

"Get out of that 5-6 degree weather and get into 104 degrees, 30-40 percent humidity. Really just motivate each other and keep each other healthy, happy, and fit."

Solace offers a one week unlimited class pass for $20. You can find more about their classes here.

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