Barnett Arena could be keeping big-name acts away

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The lack of a modern concert venue has potentially tarnished the 2017 lineup at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center. Combined with the cyclical nature of touring shows, the current facilities may be keeping bigger-name acts away from Rapid City. 

In the past, Rapid City has been able to keep up with the competition, but Civic Center Executive Director Craig Baltzer says the Don Barnett Arena lacks some of the features that modern entertainers need. 

"It's not just about the number of seats. That is part of the problem to get some of those shows that are playing in Sioux Falls, but its also the height, the ceiling height that we can give to them. Which with their productions and their large video boards and all that, we don't always fit anymore."

Baltzer says another issue is the length and width of the arena floor.

The Civic Center Resolution Task Force is looking into the economic benefit of a new venue versus updating the current one.

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