Caramel Creations sticks with family

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BLACK HAWK, S.D. - Before owning her own business, Lori Carson loved to cook.

"I would spend every weekend, every day that I could at my great grandma's and she was an amazing cook. A pinch of this, a pinch of that, and she would put a little apron on me, and I would get to cook with her."

Carson did a small craft show in Newell making caramel apples - something she didn’t have any experience with.

"I saw something on TV and I thought I can do better than that. I don't know why I thought that, because I had never made caramels before, so I started practicing different recipes and different ones from different cookbooks and tweaked them and made them our own.”

The key to Carson’s success is love what you do and love who you're doing it with.

"It's not just the job and it’s not just cooking for people, it’s a family business, so my family is around me all the time. Our goodies are named after our different family members, and we are always looking to what we can do next and whose name we can add to this, you know. So it’s never work and we work a lot of hours, so you have to enjoy what you do.”

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