Administrators focus on student attendance for the new year

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The City of Rapid City and Rapid City Area Schools are putting heavy emphasis on student attendance this coming year.

The school district is collaborating with Mayor Steve Allender, Chamber of Commerce President Linda Rabe, and Collective Impact Director Albert Linderman to proclaim September Attendance Awareness Month. Allender stressing that chronic absences make it that much harder for students to keep up, and absences can be reduced when communities work together.

"Starting today and on into the nine months of school, we'll see those challenges come about whether it's weather, whether it's poor performance, and those things that are kind of demotivating for students," said Allender. “We need to attack those things together as a team, together as a community, to really find out how to keep the most kids in school for the most amount of time."

Research indicates that students who miss more than 10 percent of the school year are more inclined to drop out of school.

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