RCPD online sex trafficking investigation nets multiple arrests

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Eight people have been arrested as the Rapid City Police Department continues to investigate online sex trafficking and those who respond to online advertisements soliciting sexual activity.

On August 24, 59-year-old Jimmi Ashley of Rapid City was arrested at her home for Prostitution, Practicing Massage Without a License, and drug charges.

On August 25, 18-year-old Kristyle E. Sanchez of Allentown, PA was arrested for Prostitution.

Also on August 25, several people responded to an online internet advertisement and were subsequently arrested for Hiring for Sexual Activity.  Those arrested include:

  • Michael L. Runge, age 49 of Rapid City
  • Michael C. Wescoat, age 29 of Belle Fourche
  • Mark V. Siebenthal, age 46 of Rapid City
  • Jay T. Schroeder, age 58 of Rapid City
  • William J. Bad Wound, age 31 of Rapid City
  • Derek A. Johnson, age 33 of Rapid City

“The Rapid City Police Department is committed to fighting sex trafficking in our community,” said Captain James Johns, commander of the RCPD’s Criminal Investigations Division. “It’s unfortunate that such conditions exist in our society to necessitate operations like this one, but the RCPD is dedicated to the interdiction of such activity, and protecting the victims affected by sex trafficking.”

Johns went on further to reiterate that prostitution is not a victimless crime. "The women that are out there selling themselves again are victims. There's bad things that have happened in their life, and they unfortunately find themselves in this situation where they believe this is their only way out. And that's a horrible testament to what our society has become."

Johns said more operations like this one will be conducted in the future.

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