Deadline for Vision Fund fast approaching

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The deadline is approaching for the public to submit proposals for the coming year to Rapid City’s Vision Fund.

Vision Fund projects are funded by a half-cent sales tax. Current projects include Skyline Wilderness Park, Canyon Lake Dam Reconstruction, Main Street Square, Horace Mann Pool, Roosevelt Swim Center's outdoor 50-meter pool, and the Dakota Fields Soccer Complex.

Horace Mann Pool

Roosevelt Swim Center's outdoor 50-meter pool

The fund will have $6.5 million available for approved projects. Darrell Shoemaker, Rapid City Communications Coordinator, said a citizen's committee has been formed to review to candidate projects to present to the Common Council.

"We've got a citizens committee that was appointed by the mayor, approved by the council. They will begin meeting after the first of September. We have a deadline set up for community projects, proposals to come forward from the community. So the citizens committee will take a look at those proposals, vet them, work through them, interview applicants and so forth with the ultimate goal of bringing forth some recommendations to the council for their consideration."

Projects must be located within the city limits of Rapid City or benefit the City as a whole. To submit a proposal click here. The deadline is August 31.

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