Civic Center to supply metal detectors as added security option

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The Rushmore Plaza Civic Center has received more requests for enhanced security in recent months.

The Civic Center currently has no standard security policy but accommodates requests on a case by case basis. Executive Director Craig Baltzer said normal security needs are met with wand and bag checks, but some events require a more thorough screening. Extra security measures could include bomb sniffing dogs and mobile metal detectors - an assessment matched by a complimentary report done by the Department of Homeland Security.

The Civic Center is looking to secure a grant to help meet requests.

"The clients that rent the space, some of our shows and events more recently, asked for these kind of things,” said Baltzer. “So some of our events are asking for it; they are renting the space. We feel they have the right to do that, so we are trying to provide that service to them. We have already been metal detecting with hand wands for a couple events the past few years, and one of the things with the grant that was mentioned is we are looking into a grant that might help us get walk-through metal detectors, which is really a faster way of doing it."

The current grant will help supply 12 metal detector units. Baltzer said the plan is to double that number in the coming years for anyone requesting extra security.

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