Community Advisory Committee to represent all cultures and races in Rapid City

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It's a chance to improve relationships between the community and the Rapid City Police Department.

The department's first ever Community Advisory Committee began operating in its official capacity on March 9. 

The primary goal of the 15-member committee is to maintain the best working relationship between the RCPD and the community by serving as a direct communication link between the people and the chief of police. The committee vows to be the voice for all cultures and races in Rapid City but especially the Native American culture.

Originally titled the Cultural Advisory Committee, this new group is overseen by Vaughn Vargas. 

"It is with great pride that the RCPD announces the formation of the department's Community Advisory Committee," said Chief of Police Karl Jegeris. "I appreciate all of Mr. Vargas' hard work and am grateful that such a dedicated group of people from many different walks of life have committed to this effort. I believe this collaborative approach will have a significant positive impact on crime reduction and community safety for years to come."  

Pictured left to right, top to bottom: Oliver White, Erik Bringswhite, Eric Whitcher, Gary Nelson, Tim Doyle, Vaughn Vargas, Anthony Picket Pin, Jennifer Giroux, Susie DeHart, Kayla Pritchard, Linda Palzkill, Lloyd LaCroix, Beverly Lafferty.  Not Pictured: Harriet Brings, Thomas Raymond.

More information on the individual members of the Community Advisory Committee can be found here.

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