1 + 1 Winner: Jill Trainer

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Updated: Fri, 28 Feb 2014 11:21:15 MST

West Middle School Match Teacher Jill Trainer was this week's recipient of $250 with 1 + 1 giveaway that NewsCenter1 and First Interstate Bank present every week.

Trainer applied for the money to purchase math counts books that include tests from previous years and the solutions on how to solve problems with explanations. She would also like to get workbooks with fun puzzles and riddle worksheets that correlate with the classroom topics. Trainer wants to help make learning math more fun for her students.

Jill Trainer, 6th Grade Math Teacher, says, " I think it makes it a lot more fun for them, where it's not just the problems where they have some kind of puzzle, a lot of them have riddles and stuff on the end and you work the problems out and you put it into the puzzle and so it gives them a little bit more challenge of how to solve it."

In the math counts program, students take tests outside of class where they can compete in math on national levels. The $250 would help purchase the workbooks.

Mark Benson, from First Interstate Bank, says, “We want to encourage people to go online and apply our winner today, Jill, just applied this weekend, so it can turn around pretty quick, so we want to make sure that we got plenty of people to present to yet the rest of this year."

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