• BoBtanical Garden: Garden Boxes

    In this week's BoBtanical Garden, Master Gardener Mel Glover talks about garden boxes and shows off the ones at St. Martin Village.

  • BoBtanical Garden: Fungus

    There's nothing fun about fungus, especially when it's invading your backyard bounty. MORE GARDEN TIPS

  • BoBtanical Garden: Hot Tomatoes

    If you've noticed a lack of tomatoes on your vines this year, don't call the whole thing off! Master Gardener Joe Hillberry says there's still time for a bountiful harvest.

  • BoBtanical Garden: Central States Fair

    The Central States Fair is coming up, which means that gardeners have the opportunity to showcase their hard work. Master Gardener Joe Hillberry tells us what to expect.

  • BoBtanical Garden: Unusual Planting

    If you're tired of the same old lettuce and tomatoes in your garden, there are a few veggies you may not have thought about planting. Master Gardener Joe Hillberry has some unusual suggestions.

  • BoBtanical Garden: Too Much Fruit

    When there's too much fruit weighing down your tree, the best thing to do is thin it out. Master Garden Joe Hillberry shows you how.

  • BoBtanical Garden: Hugelkultur

    Believe it or not, something rotten in your garden could be a good thing. Master Gardener Joe Hillberry has more on hugelkultur.

  • BoBtanical Garden: Suffering Saplings

    Oh, deer! Those four-legged forest favorites are truly trouble when it comes to tree trunks. Master Gardener Joe Hillberry explains how to save a suffering sapling.

  • BoBtanical Garden: Grasshopper Fight

    It's that time of the year when gardeners have to start worrying about grasshoppers. Master Gardener Joe Hillberry explains an organic way to fight the voracious pests.

  • BoBtanical Garden: June Drop

    For those of you with fruit trees, pay attention. Master Gardener Joe Hillberry explains how to get around the "June Drop."

  • BoBtanical Garden: Warm Weather Seeds

    As the summer heats up, now is the time to get your warm weather seeds in the ground. Master Gardener Mel Glover has the details.

  • BoBtanical Garden: Tomato Tour

    It's time to get those tomatoes in the ground. Master Gardener Mel Glover has everything you need to know to care for this juicy summer staple.  

  • BoBtanical Garden: Problem Pests

    If there's one thing that your plants and your pets have in common, it's those problem pests - fleas! Master Gardener Joe Hillberry explains how to fight the flea beetle. MORE GARDEN TIPS

  • BoBtanical Garden: Warm Weather Crops

    The climate is ripe for your warm weather crops. Master Gardener Mel Glover has tips for getting them growing.

  • BoBtanical Garden: Master Gardener Hotline

    All your gardening questions can be answered this summer with the Master Gardener Hotline, available over the phone or in person at the South Dakota State University Extension Center. You can also bring in bugs and plants for advice.

  • BoBtanical Garden: Plant Share 2017

    Master Gardener Mel Glover tells us all about the Annual Rapid City Plant Share that happens on May 20. Bring a plant and join in on the fun!

  • BoBtanical Garden: South Dakota State University Extension Center

    The South Dakota State University Extension Center in Rapid City is a great resource for aspiring gardeners here in the Black Hills. Master Gardener Mel Glover takes us back to school in this week's BoBtanical Garden.

  • BoBtanical Garden: Potted Plants

    Before you spend hours digging in the dirt, you might want to consider potting some of your precious plants.

  • BoBtanical Garden: Cold Weather Plants

    The temperatures are trending upwards, and that means it is time to get your cold-weather plants in the ground!

  • BoBtanical Garden: Pruning Trees

    Your plants and shrubs aren't the only thing that might need trimming up this spring. Master Gardener Joe Hillberry has proper pruning procedures for shaping your unruly trees.

  • BoBtanical Garden: Testing Soil

    It's time once again to get back out into the garden. And if you don't know where to start, we've got you covered! Master Gardener Joe Hillberry has everything you need to know about testing your soil.

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