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    • Tikes & Bikes Poker Run

      Anya talks with Linda Peterson and Darla Crown of the Rushmore Rotary Club about the 7th annual Tikes and Bikes Poker Run that will take place on July 30 to benefit Thrive, a ministry of Love Inc. of the Black Hills. For more information, visit their Facebook page.

    • Regional Health suggests 4 low-impact summer workouts

      Dr. Travis Menge, Regional Health's director of orthopedic sports medicine and hip arthoscopy has detailed possible hazards associated with summer activities in the Black Hills.

    • Greek Turkey Burgers

      Anya makes an alternative to hamburgers - turkey burgers.  

    • Northern Lights from New Underwood

      The northern lights lit up the sky over South Dakota on Sunday. Vibrant purples and greens danced above the Earth shortly before sunrise in this time lapse video from New Underwood.

      The sky spectacle comes courtesy of a solar flare. It released a wave of charged particles, known as a coronal mass ejection. When those particles get caught up in the Earth's magnetic field, they interact with molecules of atmospheric gases to light up the sky in bright colors. 

    • Drought, higher-fixed costs force SD ranchers to sell more cattle

      The drought in South Dakota continues to get worse. Ninety-three percent of the state is experiencing abnormally dry conditions, and 11 percent falls in the extreme category. As the drought continues to creep across the state, feeding cattle is becoming a concern. KDLT's Jack Eble reports that some ranchers are trying to sell their herds while they still can.

    • Pet of the Week: July 14

      Anya and Andrew meet this weeks pet, Fellow!

    • Killian's: Fusion style in the heart of Spearfish

      Killian’s Food and Drink offers more than meat and potatoes. The eatery specializes in fusion-style cuisine and is celebrated as a local favorite.

    • Art Forms Gallery in Hill City is a hidden gem, showcasing local creations for the past 19 years.  

    • Dough Trader Pizza

      A quaint restaurant in Spearfish is making big waves in the pizza industry.

    • Wellness Wednesday

      Wellness Wednesday offers health tips and medical news from top professionals in the Black Hills.

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