Fall Prevention

Falls are the leading cause of accidental death in pennington county and surrounding counties...today the fire department demonstrated several simple steps that people can take to reduce fall-related injury many falls and injuries from falls can be prevented with regular exercise and making sure you have good balance and strength so if you do hit an uneven surface you are able to quickly grab yourself... getting regular eye exams, monitoring of medications and removing any tripping hazards such as loose rugs will help prevent falls... also increasing safety, visibility and accessibility in the home like installing night lights while help to avoid taking a tumble... the fire department will be continuing this class throuhgout the year and hopes to raise awareness and encourage the preventions of falls among older adults. Monica Colby\Fire and Life Safety Specialist, RCFD] Mayor sam kooiker is calling tuesday septeber 23rd to be fall Prevention awareness day in Rapid City, encouraging citizens to take advantage of our local services to protect themselves from injuries during a fall.

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