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    • Wild Weather Camp underway at School of Mines

      South Dakota School of Mines and Technology is hosting a Wild Weather Summer Camp for local high school students. This is the first year that the camp kicks off, which offers a hands-on experience in the science of meteorology.

    • Chicken Skewers with Peanut Sauce

      In healthy eating, Anya makes chicken skewers with satay style peanut sauce. 

    • Interview with newly crowned Miss South Dakota

      Anya chats with the new Miss South Dakota for more on how she will represent the state.

    • Just Try It Tuesday: Bounce Around Rapid City

      Bounce Around Rapid City in the Rushmore Mall made an acceptation to let Anya Mueller try out the bounce houses for Just Try It Tuesday.

    • Prepping Skin for Summer Occasions

      Anya Mueller talks with Dr. Siri Knutsen-Larson with Regional Health dermatologist about what procedures you might consider to prep your skin before a special occasion. 

    • Storybook Island Character Run/Walk

      Anya talks with Amber Heredia of the Leadership Rapid City Class of 2015, for more on the upcoming Run/Walk fundraiser. 

    • Fast Draw with the Pros at Wild Bill Days

      Wild Bill Days is underway in Deadwood. This includes free concerts on Main Street, and many other events commemorating the life of Wild Bill Hickok. 

    • Lynne Riddle and Dr. Lycia Scott- Thornburg join Anya to talk about an event happening Wednesday, June 14 at the Holiday Inn from 5:30-8:00pm. 

    • Pet of the Week: June 16

      Anya meets this week's pet, Conner! 

    • Golden Coyote units undertake urban patrol training

      Golden Coyote units at West Camp Rapid train in urban warfare tactics.

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